About SEAFN and this Cultural Library

About SEAFN and this Cultural Library

Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN) was formed in 2002 to create a united front against the deportation of Cambodian refugees. Chhaya Chhoum of Bronx, NY put out a national call to community organizers to solidify a national Southeast Asian grassroots movement, defend our communities from deportation, and move our collective work out of isolation. After two decades, SEAFN has evolved into a national movement family of local organizations dedicated to the mobilization of Southeast Asian communities towards abolition.

The cultural library is a political education hub. It begins to answer the question: What is the story of Southeast Asian Americans?

Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in the U.S. have built vibrant neighborhoods filled with interdependence and creativity–despite ongoing deportations and targeting from the government. There is more to our story than surviving war and imperialism. The cultural library offers a glimpse into the wisdom of our communities. Among the resources you’ll find are academic articles about domestic violence, poetry, dance footage, LGBTQ dictionaries, and more.

SEAFN is grateful for the partnership of 18 Million Rising and AAPI Women Lead, who also contribute to the library’s contents and promotion.

Types of Content

  • Literature
  • LGBTQ dictionaries in Southeast Asian languages
  • Films
  • Scholarly articles
  • Podcasts
  • SEAFN original content
  • Songs
  • Short-form content section for TikToks and IG Carousels